“I Don’t Care That You All Like Mac DeMarco”: Problems with Indie Uniformity

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There is a special feeling that arises in me after I hand over $5 and enter the cramped basement. The room is packed with college kids, everyone is sweaty, drunk and/or high, and all dressed up for the concert. It feels like a ritual. We look forward to these shows. We arrive together and dance together and get our ears bombarded with loud noise together. For a long time, these crowded shows were my favorite nights. I took care of schoolwork and errands knowing that once I made it to Friday night I’d be enjoying live  music with my friends.  

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Playlists from the Subconscious: “Wishing I Went to Hogwarts”

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It is only natural, in times of great stress, discomfort or just all around mind-boggling, earth-stopping confusion, to fall back into things that once brought you happiness- to regress to a time that was less stressful, less uncomfortable, less pressured, less everything, and to stay there for a bit. This doesn’t necessarily entail completely shifting realities (though a lot of us are trying) but sometimes you find ways to get as close as you can.

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PREVIEW: Waxahatchee @ 9:30 Club

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On Sunday, April 15th, 2018 I will be seeing my favorite artist in D.C. for the second time. Even with graduation around the corner, nothing else could make me more excited.  

Indie solo project, Waxahatchee, has humble beginnings in young Katie Crutchfield’s hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. In 2010, Katie recorded her first album, American Weekend, in her bedroom of her parent’s house. Its cassette-recorded tracks are laced with the intimacy of the young artist’s personal accounts of recklessness, finding love and losing it. With her honest lyrics and candid acoustic guitar, it’s hard not to feel connected to Katie in someway. The album was quickly discovered and praised by the indie community, its track “Be Good” was listed on NPR’s song of the day playlist and rated as one of the station’s top 50 songs in 2012.

In 2013, Katie released Waxahatchee’s second album – Cerulean Salt. The album (my personal favorite) is less melancholy and more reflective, focusing more on Katie’s experience growing up including insight into her relationship with her twin sister and moving across the country to New York City. I highly recommend checking out “Brother Bryan” or “Dixie Cups and Jars”.

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The Inaugural Hudson Music Project: Big Sounds, Big Lights, and a Bigger Storm

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Photo Credit: Kevin Earle

Hudson or Mudson?

The three day music festival hosted at Winston Farm, the same 800 acre property as Woodstock ’94, was an experience defined by big sound, big lights and a huge storm.  Organized by MCP Presents and SFX Entertainment, The Hudson Project started out strong with the first of the 20,000 attendees arriving late on Thursday in high spirits.  Concertgoers flooded into the grounds throughout Thursday evening, creativity rampant among the campsites as the tent cities that had popped up overnight fostered a strong sense of community. When Friday morning rolled around, the festival was in full swing.

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Augustines at U St Music Hall

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Having become familiar with Augustines after randomly stumbling upon them while perusing through Youtube related videos, I expected a predictable, yet enjoyable indie rock show. What I saw on Wednesday was not that, it was something much, much different.

This was indeed a quite special stop on their US Walkabout tour. It was the first show in which the regular bass player and keyboardist Eric Sanderson was back, after leaving for a family emergency. What a comeback it was.

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