Shows To Know: Snakehips & STWO @ U Street Music Hall 10/22

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Purveyors of all things involving awesome electronic music in the District, Closed Sessions is back at it and they’re bringing Snakehips and STWO (along with Royal and Hunt For The Breeze) to U Street Music Hall this Wednesday. Happy hump day!

SNAKEHIPS: For some reason, music made in the UK (and beyond) always slaps, and Snakehips is no exception to this rule. Their particular brand of electronic music is entrenched in soulful vocals, swishy synths, and deep bass. Is slow-house a thing because if so, Snakehips has it down pat. Their music manages to blend elements of house and soul, with a warmth that is not to be lost on the dance floor. Their remixes are amazing. Their original songs are amazing. This is a show you cannot miss.

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About Closed Sessions + Ticket Giveaway

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Closed Sessions began as a series of invite-only rotating house parties, which featured preeminent DJs and producers, as well as renowned mixologist Chad Spangler. Through these parties, they built a strong reputation and word of their parties spread across the area. The cofounder of both Closed Sessions and National Institute of Bass, Matthew Classens, reached out to the Crackbeetz crew and created what is known today as Closed Sessions. The concept of Closed Sessions grew out of a desire to bring together a diverse group of individuals who enjoy visionary music, new friends, and great cocktails. Soon enough, the parties began to outgrow the house spaces that were being used, and Closed Sessions found a new, regular home at Flash Nightclub. These events grew alongside the genre it strives to bring attention to, future bass. Closed Sessions brings an eclectic, yet prominent sound to the District, which is growing in popularity daily. Closed Sessions’ parties have even been featured in Refinery 29 and Do Androids Dance!

This Wednesday, May 28, Closed Sessions and Flash are hosting NGUZUNGUZU, Nightwave, Hunt for the Breeze and Yola, and WRGW wants to send you for free!

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