An Interview with Wave Racer

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Photo Credit: Wave Racer Facebook Page

Tom Purcell, otherwise known as Wave Racer, is one of the latest and greatest producers to come out of Australia today. With his bright and shimmery sound, Wave Racer makes feel good party jams. WRGW had the chance to chat with him about touring, his influences, and even ice cream!

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Flume + Chet Faker: Lockjaw EP

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Labelmates, friends, and award-winning Australian electronic music pioneers Flume and Chet Faker have collaborated once more to create the three-song Lockjaw EP. Those familiar with either artist may know Chet Faker for his minimalist yet soulful rendition of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” and his work on a track off of Flume’s debut album. Flume is known for his knack for creating downtempo-cum-dance-cum hip-hop instrumentals, and in fact, he recently released a mixtape featuring many up and coming rappers laying vocals over his tracks. To some, it may come as no surprise that these two artists have decided to work together again, combining their unique but complementary sounds to create the perfect collaboration. Many times when two artists work together, it’s easy for the listener to distinguish which components came from what artist. With this EP, it seems that the work was split equally, blending together so organically, that all three songs would all work well if they were individual releases by either musician.

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