Concert Review: Fitz and the Tantrums @ 9:30 Club


Photo Credit: Andy DelGiudice

Bands often compliment the audience, usually by calling them beautiful or wonderful or fun. But never sexy. Because a sexy audience is hard to come by. But that’s exactly what you’d find if you had gone to Fitz and the Tantrums at 9:30 Club last Saturday night. They’re a “neo-soul” band, which I assume means fun, loud alt-pop meets funky r&b band, because that’s the best way I can describe them. Upon entering the historic venue, you were given a white bracelet decaled with Fitz’s heart logo and installed inside it was a blinking light, but more about that later.

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An Alternative Review: Governor's Ball ’14

Interior of VIP tent by main stage. Credit: Helen Jiang
Interior of VIP tent by main stage. Credit: Helen Jiang

As a third time volunteer, Governor’s Ball Music Festival is what I look forward to–a good vibes extravaganza to mark the beginning of summer. Having frequented this festival in the past, I know that the rich art scene is not always covered in full. This recap serves to highlight the vibrant visual arts and gastronomical delights from this year’s festival for your reading pleasure.

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