The M Machine @ U Street Music Hall

Photo credit: OWSLA
Photo credit: OWSLA

The M Machine was over at U Hall pumping out some serious beats on a cold January night. For the crowd of  college students who went to see the OWSLA trio, Thursday was clearly the new Friday night. At the concert, everything was perfect and nothing hurt, except maybe your feet the morning afterwards if you were stomping too hard. The San Francisco OWSLA trio came to Washington, D.C. to kick off their 2014 Metropolis tour, an event that exploded with energy within the walls of U Street Music Hall. Continue reading “The M Machine @ U Street Music Hall”

Shows We're Stoked For: George FitzGerald at U Street

Photo credit: Artist

Take a minute to reflect on all of the great musicians Britain has given the world: The Beatles, Ellie Goulding, Elton John, and Adele are just a few. The UK is also home to much of the current resurgence of house music. London born Berlin based DJ George FitzGerald is an integral factor in spreading this movement to the US. He’ll soon be headlining his first US tour, with a show at DC’s own U Street Music Hall.

If you like your house music to mix elements of techno, dubstep, and garage, George FitzGerald expertly produces tracks with these elements to create a unique, cohesive sound. His new single “Magnetic” is taking over UK dancefloors and is expected to have the same effect in the US. Continue reading “Shows We're Stoked For: George FitzGerald at U Street”

EDM Anthropological Adventures with Si, Jordan, and Flux Pavilion at Echostage

Flux Pavilion performing "The Scientist"
Flux Pavilion performing “The Scientist”

Jordan: So what about that concert, huh? That was quite a, how to put this, social and cultural experience. I have never been in an environment where I’ve felt so out of place wearing jeans and a t-shirt to a concert.

Si: I have never seen so many gluteus maximii (AKA butt cheeks) in one place in my life. I can’t imagine going somewhere in a bra, underwear, and fuzzy boots. I’m 110% not about that PLUR life.

Continue reading “EDM Anthropological Adventures with Si, Jordan, and Flux Pavilion at Echostage”