Concert Review: Alvvays @ DC9

Image courtesy of Consequence of Sound
Image courtesy of Consequence of Sound

As far as I’m concerned, DC9 is a no frills zone. The performance space rests a floor above what looks like a small version of Cheers, with a stage that is little more than a raised platform, maybe eight inches off the ground. Needless to say, there is no backstage, no VIP area, and no room for divas. The bands wiggle through the crowd to get to the stage, pass concert-goers in the stairwell to go out for a smoke, and always man their own dining booth converted into merch table. Indeed, I have seen incredible shows here with lights that are always on point, a couple disco balls, and (apparently) a projector they seldom utilize. In my experience, bands typically make their performances here a reflection of the DC9 vibe – they’re happy to be there, but don’t often treat it like a big, impressionable show; Alvvays was the exception.

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Bands to Watch: Slothrust

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez
Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

After speaking with lead vocalist Leah Wellbaum and listening to their new album, Of Course You Do, we feel confident in recommending that you listen to Slothrust. Slothrust is a three-piece band that met while attending Sarah Lawrence College with Leah on vocals, Kyle Bann on bass and organ, and Will Gorin on percussion. The name Slothrust originated from Leah’s obsession with sloths and the band’s heavier, rustier music. Their sound is grungy with rebellious lyrics and vocals and they have a lot of personality and spunk. Check out the interview below!

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Typhoon @ the 9:30 Club

Typhoon at the 9:30 Club
Photo Credit: Jordan Grobe, Typhoon at the 9:30 Club
For those of you familiar with my show, you know that I love Typhoon. The band, which consists of eleven members, is led by Kyle Morton, who provides lead vocals and guitar with support from two violins, two trumpets, two drums, another guitar, a bass guitar, horns, and separate percussionist-ukulele player, all of whom sing backup. Their elaborate sound is so brilliantly layered and finely tuned that it isn’t just a wall of notes, but rather a beautifully crafted melody more complex than our ears have generally grown accustomed to.

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WRGW and Sixth and I Historic Synagogue Present: River City Extension, Paperhaus and Sun Cycle

WRGW_SpringConcert14_FBCoverPhoto_FEB9 (1)

For the past three years, WRGW has hosted its Spring Concert at 6th & I, the historic synagogue in Chinatown. In 2012, we saw Red Line Grafitti and Reptar bring the house down. Last year, we teamed up with other local college radio stations to bring Deerhunter, Mas Ysa and Jackson Scott to DC. This year, we are so proud to announce a very special lineup that reflects WRGW’s fresh, new focus.

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Lord Huron and Night Moves at the 9:30 Club

Lord Huron

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Lord Huron live on three separate occasions thus far: performing at the Firefly Music Festival, opening for Alt-J at the 9:30 Club, and now, taking the stage at the 9:30 Club themselves. And they really took that stage. Stormed it in fact. Touring now with Night Moves (a fantastic, albeit ironic, fill-in for original openers Night Beds), Lord Huron performed at their first headlining show at the 9:30 Club with an energy and vibrancy that far surpassed the already wondrous performances I’d experienced before. Continue reading “Lord Huron and Night Moves at the 9:30 Club”