An Interview with DC's Own Pleasure Curses

Pleasure Curses 3

How did you guys get started?

Evan: Well, we met a long time ago at this music camp Day Jams. It was this weird rock and roll music day camp for little kids to go to. But recently, I was going to school at JMU and his significant other at the time was going to JMU and we met up and started making music after not really talking to each other for like 12 years or something like that. We’ve just kind of been doing this thing ever since.

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Red Line Graffiti

Red Line Graffiti at WRGW

If you are looking for creative lyrics, smooth beats, and a mean guitar, Red Line Graffiti has you covered.  This DC band, who fuses electronica with indie rock, released their debut EP – About and Because – in December of 2011, only after a few months of creating the band.  Members include Drew Moten (Vocals/Bass/Synth Keyboard), Donald Martin (Vocals/Keyboard/Drums), Ajene Harley (guitar), and Ebony Smith (drums).

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