Counting down to Spring Fling 2016

Who do you want to headline and open Spring Fling 2K16?

Host of The Weekly Tune Up, a DMV concert music show, Helen Jiang breaks down Program Board’s Spotify playlist of hints. First cuts were made at 2pm on March 22, and second cuts around 10am on March 23, with the final setlist out on March 24. Who do you think will be the final artists? While reading, give Program Board’s playlist a spin.

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An Alternative Review: Governor's Ball ’14

Interior of VIP tent by main stage. Credit: Helen Jiang
Interior of VIP tent by main stage. Credit: Helen Jiang

As a third time volunteer, Governor’s Ball Music Festival is what I look forward to–a good vibes extravaganza to mark the beginning of summer. Having frequented this festival in the past, I know that the rich art scene is not always covered in full. This recap serves to highlight the vibrant visual arts and gastronomical delights from this year’s festival for your reading pleasure.

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