Lil B @ Springfield's Empire Nightclub- 3/25

via Vibe

In a way only a Lil B concert could be discovered, I found myself racing through the streets of Northern Virginia, quickly and impatiently making my way to the Empire Nightclub. Thank Based God for Twitter, for if I hadn’t had that I would have never been able to make the elusive and #rare show. After seeing his shout out to Springfield, V.A. and a quick Google search, I called a buddy and went off.

I called the club to make sure there were tickets and to discover when the show would begin. Soon after, we arrived to find a mysterious door next to an Afghan restaurant. People had already been thrown out and a fight was about to break out. But when we cowered inside and heard the sound of The Based God’s voice it was as if all of our problems disappeared.

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Lil B's Pink Flame


Basedworld was again a smoldering inferno with the release of the Pink Flame mixtape, Lil B’s highly anticipated follow up to former flames: Blue Flame, Red Flame, Red Flame Evil Edition, Red Flame Devil Music Edition, Black Flame, White Flame, and Green Flame. However, unlike these past efforts, I would argue the primary strength of Pink Flame rests in its heightened overall production quality, despite moments of lyrical shortcomings. In the tape’s opening tracks, I was surprised to encounter the BasedGod espousing a more muted, in a sense, lethargic flow—a striking departure from the aggressive cadence characteristic of his more recent releases, most notably October’s Halloween H2O. The innovative employment of a “Pop Goes the Weasel” arcade game sample seemed to salvage the lackluster lyrical quality of “Eat,” the third of Pink Flame’s 26 tracks. But as the tape progressed, I found the BasedGod matching his production’s energy lyrically.

“Flex 36” shone as one of the tape’s anthems in this regard, the track itself matched only by its prophetically styled music video, which artfully collided staples of Lil B’s visual archive: the Bitch Mob Task Force pink bandana, an absolutely incredible bucket hat, and the very same bindi from the seminal “Ima Eat Her A$$” video. “1000 Bitches” was also a standout, featuring both a Super Mario sample as well as an classic moment of Based self affirmation “Bitch I look great today, you can call me Oprah.”

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