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Photo credit: Noisey

Technically, this week’s AOTW isn’t a singular artist, but rather a group of artists who’ve come together to form the collective known as Barf Troop. They’re a bunch of badass girls making rap tracks and they all have pretty clever stage names: Babe Field, Justin Baber, Babeo Baggins, Baberella Fox, and Babenstein. They hail from all over the United States, but met each other through Tumblr and subsequently began making music together. That’s pretty cool, if you ask me. Barf Troop is pure girl power — they doing what they love, no matter what anyone else may tell them. In “The World Is Yours,” there’s a line that says, “it’s time for something new and we’re doing it; we’re breaking all the rules, we’re still schooling them.” HELL YEAH.

I’ve been a fan of the group ever since I heard their Summerslime mixtape a few years ago, and I haven’t looked back since. Barf Troop’s music is creative, clever, relatable, and even pretty funny at times. Rapping over generic beats found on the internet, to math rock tracks, to covers of folk songs, these girls know how to put their signature flair on any and all tracks made. On one of my personal favorite tracks, “Mafamatics,” Babeo Baggins raps over a beat from a Vine video. Really.

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