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Photo credit: Rankin
Photo credit: Rankin

Azealia Banks. Where do I even begin? You might all know her as the rapper who released “212” waaaaaay back in the day (read: 2011). You might know her as the artist who dominated the blogosphere with the aforementioned song: brash, flagrant, but oh-so catchy. Everyone from Slate to the New York Times to the ever-omnipresent Pitchfork was talking about her. Then what happened? For the sake of keeping a very long story short (we’re all #blessed with Google these days. Feel free to further explore as you will.), I’m going to give you all the abbreviated version of her story, as I understand it. She was signed to a record label. She dropped the record label. There was loads of Twitter beef in there somewhere? Add a hearty sprinkling of announcements about the release of her debut album, which kept getting pushed back to the point of it being a joke that it would ever be released, a mixtape and a stellar EP, a few artist collaborations that never came to fruition, and here we are today. It is the Year of our Lord 2014 and Miss Banks has released Broke With Expensive Taste.

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Bloc 2012 Artist Profile: Jacques Greene

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There are probably more people who have seen Jacques Greene’s face than people who know his name. Flash back to mid-late 2011 with Azelia Banks’ “212”–that’s him wearing the glasses while Azealia Banks proclaims “I’ma ruin you cunt” in his ear.

His unabashed visibility is ironic since the 22-year-old Montreal-bred producer tends to keep his identity under the radar. Even the name–Jacques Greene–is just an unusually normal alias reflecting his Anglo and French-Canadian roots.

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