Rusko Interview @ The 9:30 Club (4/30/11)

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It was the just past midnight during the late show at the 9:30 Club on Saturday night. Doorly was groovin’ from a small booth beside the main act’s battle-station, and from the balcony I could see the people on the main floor bouncing in unison as the venue neared capacity. I stepped into a seemingly large, although empty, back room with seasoned English DJ and producer, Rusko. He locked the door with one hand, simultaneously placing his drink on the counter behind him, and we began to talk.

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Buckwheat Groats Interview on WRGW (4/20/11)

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We recently had the fortune of speaking with international hip-hop sensations, the Buckwheat Groats, and were given an exclusive sneak peak of their latest hit, “Arbor Day Party,” which dropped this past Friday (Arbor Day…duh). We’ve been witholding this prized recording for fear it would incite riots and cause some to spontaneously combust, but as the Groats would say, “f*ck it.” Just, brace yourself…

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Portugal. the Man Interview on WRGW (4/25/11)

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Paula Mejia and I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Zack Carothers, the bassist of Alaska’s prolific psychedelic outfit Portugal. The Man. Hear what he has to say about the stories behind their albums, building houses, ice cream, Justin Timberlake, their upcoming album and much more!

-Drew Bandos

Listen: Gang Gang Dance – Glass Jar

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard from NYC-based experimental/psychedelic rockers Gang Gang Dance. They’ve been touring sporadically for the past couple years since their last album, 2008’s Saint Dymphna. I got to hear them test drive their new material last year at the Rock ‘n Roll hotel, and one song in particular really stood out to me. As it turns out, this song has ended up being the first song on their upcoming LP Eye Contact, out in the US on May 10 via 4AD. You can hear the 11-minute “Glass Jar” in all its progressive, glowing glory over at Pitchfork.

You can also check out this live version back from 2008 in NYC, when the track was still called “Crystals.”

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