Listen: Gang Gang Dance – Glass Jar

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from NYC-based experimental/psychedelic rockers Gang Gang Dance. They’ve been touring sporadically for the past couple years since their last album, 2008’s Saint Dymphna. I got to hear them test drive their new material last year at the Rock ‘n Roll hotel, and one song in particular really stood out to me. As it turns out, this song has ended up being the first song on their upcoming LP Eye Contact, out in the US on May 10 via 4AD. You can hear the 11-minute “Glass Jar” in all its progressive, glowing glory over at Pitchfork.

You can also check out this live version back from 2008 in NYC, when the track was still called “Crystals.”

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Childish Gambino

Most of you probably recognize Donald Glover from the sketch-comedy group Derrick Comedy, or NBC series Community, but Glover’s now also stepping into the rap game as Childish Gambino, and proving that he’s as good a rapper as he is a comedian. Gambino showcases his impressive lyrical skills in his new hard-hitting music video “Freaks and Geeks”, which you can check out below.

This really deserves a post of its own, but Jamie xx, lead beat-maker for The xx, made this dope remix of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”, which Glover spits a closing verse over.
Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Remix ft. Childish Gambino) – Adele

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So Many Concerts, So Little Time…

You know, a typical Titus Andronicus show…

If you’re like me, you and your wallet may be overwhelmed with the number of astounding concerts happening this spring in DC. But with the amount of amazing rising talent coming to the district to perform live, how can you not go? I sat down with an extensive concert list, and asked myself, which shows are worth going to?

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Braids: Less Show, More Experience

Last Friday, I was fortunate enough to have the chance to see Baths and Braids’ sold-out performance at DC’s Rock and Roll Hotel. Both myself and DJ Drew Bandos (aka Banda Bear) both agreed that it was one of the more phenomenal concert experiences we’ve had in a while.

Having never been to DC’s Rock and Roll Hotel, I was surprised at first. The room was about as large as the grungy basements where our bands in high school were first born, except with a full bar to the left and a stage about a foot off of the ground. The purple and pink pastel lights oozed nostalgia, faint and hazy, as though the room were a lucid dream. But all it took was the jolting, melodic cry of Braids’ vocalist, Raphaelle, to bring me back to reality.

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