So Many Concerts, So Little Time…

You know, a typical Titus Andronicus show…

If you’re like me, you and your wallet may be overwhelmed with the number of astounding concerts happening this spring in DC. But with the amount of amazing rising talent coming to the district to perform live, how can you not go? I sat down with an extensive concert list, and asked myself, which shows are worth going to?

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Braids – Native Speaker

Braids – Native Speaker

Braids – Lemonade

I’ve been waiting for this album for so long, and I hadn’t heard of this band until today. It’s the kind of album that, on first listen, you think to yourself, “how can something be so familiar if I’ve never heard it before?” Or maybe I’m just weird. (sidenote – when I first read about this band, I was really angry that someone had the nerve to pluralize the name of one of the greatest emo bands of the 90’s. but honestly, this is so much better. my apologies to any muscular bearded guys in flannels reading this)

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This Friday’s Dance Party w/ Ra Ra Rasputin

DC’s dance/rock quartet: Ra Ra Rasputin

This Friday night’s show at the 930 Club is jam-packed with five great acts filling the bill, including two of our favorite local groups, The Dance Party and Ra Ra Rasputin. Some of you may have came out to see these two play back-to-back at our Friday Night Live event on campus Halloween weekend and know they can even turn a 7Eleven into a dance floor. They will be joined by Wallpaper(experimental/funky dance), K-Flay(hip-hop maestress), and DC hip-hop/soul duo lowercaseletters.

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