Bonnaroo Preview

Readers, I caved.  I shelled out nearly $300 to live out of my car for 4 days and take $7 showers.  I’m talking about Bonnaroo, one of the country’s biggest music festivals, which is taking place in Manchester, TN June 7th-10th.  But it’s money very well spent.  Concertgoers can see musicians from Ludacris to Feist, all while sleeping in makeshift tens and avoiding questionable brownies from strangers.  In addition to sunscreen and a cooler full of peanut butter, bread, and water, you’ll also need my recommendations for bands and some crucial songs that will give you a sample of what you might hear during those glorious 4 days.

From the top headliners to the up-and-comers:

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Satori Trova Interview / Performance (Free Download!)

Satori Trova is a sprawling group of DC musicians whose output combines elements from (what seems like) almost every style of music. They came into the station last week for an interview and performance. I had a great time talking to them about their songwriting process, the evolution of the artist-listener relationship, and how they seem to do all of these things subconsciously. Their performance was very unique for them – stripped down to quasi-acoustic, playing a few songs in this manner for the first time, as well as a little jam here and there. Download the entire in-studio here for free. They will be playing at DC9 on Feb. 8 to promote their pledgemusic fundraiser for their upcoming EP, and I’m thrilled to be opening for them on Feb 25th at The Velvet Lounge on U Street. Hope you enjoy. Check out a video of them performing live below.

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What To Watch For in 2012: Grouplove and Nadastrom

Welcome to the start of the apocalypse, everyone! With only a mere 11 months before the world’s supposed end, it’s imperative you start scouting for exciting, up-and-coming music to incorporate into your “End of the World” playlists. To help, I’ve simplified this task by listing a few personal favorites whom are set to have a great 2012. Disclaimer: you may already recognize some of these bands/genres as they’re not entirely new to the music scene, but they’re still worth listening to nonetheless.

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What To Watch For in 2012: Oscar’s 2012 Best Original Song

A lot of criticism has been made on the interwebs about this years Oscar’s. It’s either complaints about Drive’s measly Sound Editing nom or Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close sneaking its way into a Best Picture nom. The real travesty is the depressing category of “Best Original Song”. This is a category that at one time truly meant something to America, and to the music industry as a whole. Those days seem to be somewhere over the rainbow now, as with this year’s 84thAcademy Awards there stands only two contestants.

First up:

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