Childish Gambino

Most of you probably recognize Donald Glover from the sketch-comedy group Derrick Comedy, or NBC series Community, but Glover’s now also stepping into the rap game as Childish Gambino, and proving that he’s as good a rapper as he is a comedian. Gambino showcases his impressive lyrical skills in his new hard-hitting music video “Freaks and Geeks”, which you can check out below.

This really deserves a post of its own, but Jamie xx, lead beat-maker for The xx, made this dope remix of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”, which Glover spits a closing verse over.
Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Remix ft. Childish Gambino) – Adele

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As the World turns…

As the world turns, new discoveries are constantly being made. Today I saw history (well, it’s new to me so…). I was casually roaming through new music online when I discovered a white female rapper! I know, I know; the title kind of throws you off, doesn’t it? To be quite honest, this girl is pretty good. Check out the link below and share your opinions. Will the next wave of hip hop moguls consist of white female rappers? Is this one outlier the start of a revolution?

The King of Limbs

So I’m going to ignore the fact that this was announced just a few days ago AND THEN was released a day before they said it would be. Let’s pretend the past week has been normal.

I just picked this up and have listened to it through two or three times, so I’m going to write about the tracks that immediately stick out on another listen. To start out, I have to say this might be a really difficult album to get into, but I promise there’s something amazing here and it’s worth giving it time to warm up to you if it doesn’t immediately.

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The Rubberbandits – "Horse Outside"

Limerick, Ireland’s comedy hip-hop duo, The Rubberbandits, have exploded into fame with the release of their hit single “Horse Outside”. The single stands out from their other works with a much more electro-influenced sound I would love to hear more of. The music video is filled with hilarious Michael Jackson-esque dance moves, and makes a pretty strong argument for using a horse as your main source of transportation, instead of a car.

If you want to hear more from the Rubberbandits, you can check out a series of very funny prank phone calls, as well as their other music videos on youtube.

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Cut Copy – Zonoscope

After my celestial experience with 2008’s charmingly haunted In Ghost Colours, I couldn’t imagine the terms in which I’d be similarly effected by a Cut Copy album clearly preoccupied with an impending doom (see album cover). However, when a close friend sent me an email saying, “Cut Copy – Zonoscope / For the love of God, download buy this RIGHT NOW”, I couldn’t resist.

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