Buckwheat Groats Interview on WRGW (4/20/11)

We recently had the fortune of speaking with international hip-hop sensations, the Buckwheat Groats, and were given an exclusive sneak peak of their latest hit, “Arbor Day Party,” which dropped this past Friday (Arbor Day…duh). We’ve been witholding this prized recording for fear it would incite riots and cause some to spontaneously combust, but as the Groats would say, “f*ck it.” Just, brace yourself…

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Portugal. the Man Interview on WRGW (4/25/11)

Paula Mejia and I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Zack Carothers, the bassist of Alaska’s prolific psychedelic outfit Portugal. The Man. Hear what he has to say about the stories behind their albums, building houses, ice cream, Justin Timberlake, their upcoming album and much more!

-Drew Bandos