Shows to Know: JMSN & abhi//dijon @ U Street Music Hall 2/13

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R&B musician JMSN is bringing his experimental, brooding sound to U Street Music Hall this Friday the 13th (spooky, huh?) along with abhi//dijon and Rochelle Jordan.

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t JMSN’s (nom de guerre, Christian Berishaj) first time around the block. He’s made music under other pseudonyms, but has settled upon this name and signature electro-tinged soul music. It’s important to note that these aren’t your mom and dad’s old school bedroom jams; instead, JMSN draws inspiration from 90s R&B and makes it his own, like a breath of fresh air.

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What Is An Eternal Banger?

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Photo credit: author
Photo credit: author

While surfing the internet chillwaves the other day, I came across a song that somebody posted, which they had labelled as an “eternal banger.” Without giving much immediate thought to what an eternal banger might be, I found myself nodding along, thinking “yup, this is definitely it.” Later on, I began to think about what an eternal banger actually is. The pinnacle of the modern English language, Urban Dictionary, says that a banger is “If a Song is extremly tight or just unbelivably awesome. It is a banger.” Cool. Everyone can recognize when a song is a banger, but what distinguishes a regular banger from an eternal banger?

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Shows to Know: Anna Lunoe @ U Street Music Hall – 1/16

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Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 4.24.20 PM
Photo credit: artist’s website

If you’re looking for something crazy fun to do this week, then U Street Music Hall has a solution for you. Dance DJ Anna Lunoe is playing U Hall alongside Motez, T. Williams, and Destructo this Thursday night.

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WRGW Music: What We’re Excited for in 2015

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Courtney Barnett

It’s January 5th and we here at the WRGW Music Department are just a little bit sick of the cyclical year-end lists penned by **in-touch** music writers and tastemakers who continually peddle the same albums over and over again, with more regard for controversy (Mark Kozelek shout out) than actual substance. Let’s face it – music journalism kinda sucks. The top blogs and sites are essentially celebrity gossip forums, with occasional big words and nice pictures thrown in. The promotions companies are no better, as the wealthier bands get press and talented, hardworking ones are left in the dust. Still, rant aside, 2014 was a damn fine year in music. The mega releases of 2013 slowed down enough to allow break out artists, like Ex Hex, Ty Segall, Angel Olsen (the list goes on) to break into new territory and release exceptional, career-defining albums. The future is ripe, and there has never been a better time to be a music fan with a pair of headphones and an internet connection.

Instead of laying out the “best” albums of last year, our three assistant music directors, our music promotions director and I share below the top three artists/bands that we’re genuinely excited about in 2015. This is by no means an objective or comprehensive list; those things do not exist in music journalism. Read, listen, and watch before they get drowned out by the next Kanye single, or another War on Drugs album. Regular blog content and programming will continue starting the week of January 19th – until then, indulge our egos and maybe find your next favorite band.


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Don’t Miss: Record Store Day Black Friday

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Are you stuck in the suburbs this holiday break? Are you already missing the hip happenin’ indie scene of your college town as Turkey Day slowly approaches? Have you, within two days, already exhausted all of the cool places in town to sip on coffee and blog? Well have I got news for you: Record Store Day Black Friday is upon us!

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