Album Review: niggas on the moon – Death Grips



Death Grips have stepped out of the shadows again and brought with them their new release “niggas on the moon,” which is technically side A of a double album is titled The Powers That B. This release is the first half of a double album and contains only 8 tracks at the moment. At this point in Death Grips’ career you’re probably familiar with their shtick and know what to expect when it comes to their releases. The Sacramento-based experimental hip-hop creates music that mixes elements of hip hop and electronica in a way that results in violent and sometimes frightening music that pushes the limits of the genre. This time around Death Grips don’t disappoint, delivering their signature alternative hip-hop style. Death Grips have come back with a refreshing release that is a satisfying agglomeration of the past years of their work.

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Shows We’re Stoked For: TONIGHT! Drunk Tigers, Railsplitter, Sunset Guns & Collapser at The Velvet Lounge

DC and punk go together like punk and lighting things of fire. Here in the nation’s capital we’re fortunate to have an abundance of local punk bands that are tearing up the scene and now you have an opportunity to go to a show!

Tonight, these four local groups are going to be playing at The Velvet Lounge on U Street as a part of their “February’s Eve Gala.” Drunk Tigers are a garage rock band who are promised to be “loaded and ferocious.” Railsplitter are a melodic punk group and if that name and description doesn’t already interest you, you need help. Sunset Guns are the foreigners of the bunch and they are an indie-punk group from Brooklyn and Collapser are another local punk group who claim Adventure Time, pizza and whiskey as their influences.

Come and support local (and one not local) groups. This is a 21+ concert. Entrance fee is $8 and doors open at 9 PM. Join the Facebook event so you don’t forget.

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Album Review: Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra – Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything


Last week, Montreal post-rock group Silver Mt. Zion released their newest album Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything and the LP is a fresh entry in the group’s discography and shows the evolution of the their sound.

Silver Mt. Zion is an off-shoot of Polaris-winning and punctuation aficionados Godspeed You! Black Emperor. GY!BE can be called the current kings of the post-rock genre fans of both of these groups would be familiar with the political nature of frontman Efrim Menuck’s music. This LP as with the other more recent releases from Silver Mt. Zion incorporates vocals of Menuck and the rest of the group to convey their image of a crumbling society that may be past redemption. With tracks titled “Austerity Blues” and “Little Ones Run” the group isn’t holding back in its depiction of a world that’s falling apart at its seams. The vocals on this LP may be off-putting to long time GY!BE fans but Menuck’s vocals have pleasantly evolved into a great accompaniment to the heavy layering of sound that the group known for.

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Death Grips: Government Plates


Death Grips did what they do best, they shocked, surprised and depending on who you talk to, disappointed their fans. Sacramento-based experimental rap trio Death Grips released their newest album Government Plates for free without any warning or prerelease hype. Releasing an album like this is dangerous and although it’s a welcomed change from the pattern controversy surrounding Death Grips releases, they again managed to give their fans a spectacle before anyone even listened to the first track.

The album starts with a track that sticks to the traditional Death Grips formula; The track You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it’s your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat is bright and interesting in that it’s seemingly separated into the production and vocals.  MC Ride’s punchy syncopated vocals come through as harsh as ever on this track and the segregation of vocals and production is effective in making the listener separately analyze each component on its own.  As the album progresses, the vocal performance by MC Ride begins to lose it’s luster as many recycled samples of MC Ride are used in place of new recordings.

The production by Zach Hill is the obvious star of the album but as the album progresses, it becomes less and less interesting. Repetition leads to boredom and MC Ride’s performance feels phoned in due to incorporation of reused vocal samples.

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