Childish Gambino

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Most of you probably recognize Donald Glover from the sketch-comedy group Derrick Comedy, or NBC series Community, but Glover’s now also stepping into the rap game as Childish Gambino, and proving that he’s as good a rapper as he is a comedian. Gambino showcases his impressive lyrical skills in his new hard-hitting music video “Freaks and Geeks”, which you can check out below.

This really deserves a post of its own, but Jamie xx, lead beat-maker for The xx, made this dope remix of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”, which Glover spits a closing verse over.
Rolling in the Deep (Jamie xx Remix ft. Childish Gambino) – Adele

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The Rubberbandits – "Horse Outside"

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Limerick, Ireland’s comedy hip-hop duo, The Rubberbandits, have exploded into fame with the release of their hit single “Horse Outside”. The single stands out from their other works with a much more electro-influenced sound I would love to hear more of. The music video is filled with hilarious Michael Jackson-esque dance moves, and makes a pretty strong argument for using a horse as your main source of transportation, instead of a car.

If you want to hear more from the Rubberbandits, you can check out a series of very funny prank phone calls, as well as their other music videos on youtube.

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