We Were Promised Jetpacks @ The Black Cat


We Were Promised Jetpacks has clearly come a long way since their modest beginnings in a high school somewhere in Scotland. Their clever mix of post-punk and indie rock has earned them a quite diverse audience, including many fans of various age groups, from 40-somethings that missed the honesty and talent of the DIY shows of their college years, to high school girls accompanied by their fathers, who were dragged to the event, only to find themselves actually enjoying the company of a great stage performance.  Continue reading “We Were Promised Jetpacks @ The Black Cat”

Augustines at U St Music Hall


Having become familiar with Augustines after randomly stumbling upon them while perusing through Youtube related videos, I expected a predictable, yet enjoyable indie rock show. What I saw on Wednesday was not that, it was something much, much different.

This was indeed a quite special stop on their US Walkabout tour. It was the first show in which the regular bass player and keyboardist Eric Sanderson was back, after leaving for a family emergency. What a comeback it was.

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