An Interview with Mike Will Made-It

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Max: What’s up everybody, this is Max Blackman from You Know What It Is and we’re here with the one-and-only, super producer Mike Will Made-It! Mike, I’ve got a couple of questions for you. First off, it seems like every time you’re spotted out in public you’ve got a hat on. How many hats do you think you own?

Mike Will: I don’t know, I’m just rockin that “Free Gucci [Mane]” hat right now, Givenchy shirts or Coogi shirts and…..”Free Gucci” hats right now.

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REVIEW: Charged Up Music Festival

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Image courtesy of Charged Up DC

Image Courtesy of Charged Up DC

On a beautiful but chilly day, the Charged Up Music Festival took place in Storey Park in the NoMA neighborhood of Washington D.C. The festival had a strong emphasis on the local community and culture featuring a line-up consisting of mostly local talent and vendors. The festival had two stages; the main stage at the front of the park, and another indoor stage that was called “Party Wars”. The tent had a nightclub theme, with lights and a bar inside with DJs spinning throughout the day. On the main stage, most of the performers were rappers, however they were able to sprinkle in a mix of rock bands as well.

One of the more interesting and promoted vendors of the festival was a mobile studio sponsored by Jack Daniels that has been travelling around the area for the past few months discovering talent. The Jackin’ for Beats competition pits rappers’ verses against one another after being recorded in that studio and the national winner received $5,000. This competition/truck were definitely the emphasis of the festival’s afternoon and it appeared the event was geared around the competition’s promotion.

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Interview With Theophilus London

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Just after sound check at the U St. Music Hall, we caught up with Theophilus London to talk about his new album, Kanye West, his 2011 show next to GW’s campus, Young Thug and much more.

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Vibes Tour Review: Featuring Father and Theophilus London

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As the U St. Music Hall began to fill up before Father and Theophilus London’s sold out show on a very cold night, anticipation began to rise. People literally ran into the venue to get as close to the stage as possible, and at a place like U St., that means standing almost inches from your favorite artists. Atlanta upstart Father has grown a lot of buzz from his latest mixtape Young Hot Ebony, and songs like “Look At Wrist” and the title track “Young Hot Ebony” has grown his fanbase nationwide. London’s latest album Vibes has continued to push the boundaries of conventional hip-hop music, combining multiple genres and creating an atmosphere relatable to almost all. These two guys in the same place? Definitely will make for a great show.

KeithCharlesSpaceBar (KCSB) came on stage and instantly warmed-up the crowd with D.C.’s own Yung Gleesh’s popular song “Wasabi.” After one song, with the crowd already in a tizzy, the familiar opening of “Look At Wrist” welcomed Father to the stage, setting the tone for the rest of his set. Performing songs from both Young Hot Ebony and Lil D1ddy, Father seemed almost a little surprised that people knew his work so well in the DMV. However, he continued to rock with the crowd, even unveiling new content from his upcoming mixtape Who’s Gonna Get F****d First? which is slated for a release sometime this month. The only thing really lacking from Father’s set was its length. I wish it had gone on longer, as his energy was infectious. However, with more material and a larger fanbase I’m sure this will be the case soon.

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Gucci Mane the Businessman

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Over the past couple of days I’ve found myself listening to a lot of Gucci Mane. Not The State vs. Radric Davis, but NEW Gucci. His collaborations with the likes of Young Thug, Migos and Peewee Longway have shaped modern Southern hip-hop. Although known for his rapping and antics Gucci Mane is also a great businessman. From smart signings to consistent content, Guop has been a staple of hip-hop for better or worse.

People love Gucci Mane. Almost any time I tell people about a new Gucci discovery they are intrigued. Something about the beat selection, interesting flows and trap lyrics make the combination oddly pleasing. Do I relate to Gucci Mane? Honestly no, but the catchiness of his music has been the reason he’s still in the spotlight. It makes me excited and ready for anything, whether it be a party or a test. It’s not always quality music but his gems are known throughout.

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