Chris Bo Interview and Freestyle on Killin Yall

I could say a lot of things about Chris Bo, but you really don’t need to know any of those things to appreciate the fact that the dude can murder any beat you let him get on. We realized this after inviting Chris to the studio back in early December, where he kicked it with us for almost the entirety of our show and laid down a couple frees on not one, but two beats. We didn’t take it easy on him either, giving him some beats to choose from that were decidedly out of his comfort zone. Eventually he chose a laid-back Jay Dilla beat and did not disappoint, only asking “y’all got more time for me?” after his first go. We were secretly sitting on a beat that we knew would be perfect for him–a drum-heavy 808 mafia instrumental–so we just went ahead and played it, and Chris was all over it.

It’s quite clear that Chris Bo is chasing his dreams and loving every second of it, or “holding onto music like a pit with his jaws closed” as he explained mid-verse. We had a great time getting to know such a charismatic and personable dude during the show, and certainly hope to see him again here at WRGW.

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THE SLUTUMENTARY: Killlin Yall’s Interview With DC’s Own Slutty Boyz

As many fans, readers, listeners, viewers, and whatever else of WRGW may know, we welcomed Fat Trel (DC’s biggest rap name to date aside from a certain Wale Folarin) to the studio a little over a year ago for some freestyle and interview action. He rolled into the studio real heavy and brought some of his Slutty Boy crew with him. But being the slutty gentlemen that they are, the guys let Trel take center stage as he answered questions about the major label attention he was getting at the time.

Fast forward a year, and Trel is signing with Alley Boy under Master P as the Louis V Mob, indefinitely vacationing out in California. We’ll welcome him back to the studio upon his eventual return to DC.

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Oneohtrix Point Never at Doug Aitken's Hirshhorn Museum 'Happening'

On May 11th, Doug Aitken’s video piece ‘Song/1’, a 360 degree projection across the face of the Hirshhorn, received a little audio assistance from the likes of Nicolas Jaar, Oneohtrix Point Never, No Age, Geologist, as well as a full choir. The event was definitely a one of a kind audiovisual experience, with the artists playing around 90 minutes combined, incorporating their respective versions of the classic song “I Only Have Eyes for You.” The song was a big part of the video piece itself, which had its audio aspect turned off for the evening for the live performance.

We caught up with Oneohtrix Point Never after the show for his thoughts on the performance and a few other questions. Check the interview below.

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