As the World turns…

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As the world turns, new discoveries are constantly being made. Today I saw history (well, it’s new to me so…). I was casually roaming through new music online when I discovered a white female rapper! I know, I know; the title kind of throws you off, doesn’t it? To be quite honest, this girl is pretty good. Check out the link below and share your opinions. Will the next wave of hip hop moguls consist of white female rappers? Is this one outlier the start of a revolution?

Conceptional Approach

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A friend and I were talking the other day about Luther Vandross and how many children, including our generation, were conceived off of music like his back when our parents were younger. My friend went on to say how she disliked Luther Vandross because every time one of his songs played she thought of her conception. Her comment got me to thinking about something. Who is the Luther Vandross of today, or is there? R&B has taken a drastic turn from what it used to sound like back when The Temptations and Jackie Wilson took the stage. So what I guess my question is, what type of music will our generation use to conceive children? Is hip hop the new “it” genre for baby making? Take the song “You See Right Through Me” by Nicki Minaj for example:

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