Red Line Graffiti

Red Line Graffiti at WRGW

If you are looking for creative lyrics, smooth beats, and a mean guitar, Red Line Graffiti has you covered.  This DC band, who fuses electronica with indie rock, released their debut EP – About and Because – in December of 2011, only after a few months of creating the band.  Members include Drew Moten (Vocals/Bass/Synth Keyboard), Donald Martin (Vocals/Keyboard/Drums), Ajene Harley (guitar), and Ebony Smith (drums).

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What To Watch For in 2012: Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding is scheduled to release her fourth album on March 20th, titled “Radio Music Society.”  The album will include a DVD featuring conceptual music videos for its 12 tracks.  It is sort of like a sequel, or companion, to her 2010 album “The Chamber Music Society”, which earned her a Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

“Originally, I thought it would be fun to release a double album…One disc with an intimate, subtle exploration of chamber works and a  second one in which jazz musicians explore song forms and melodies that are formatted more along the lines of what we would categorize as ‘pop songs.’  Those are the two things that really interest me, and it intrigues me to think about different presentation approaches while writing each kind of song.” – Esperanza Spalding

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