All Things Go festival, 10/1


All Things Go is a DC based outdoor music festival that has been going on at various venues since 2014. It is known for its inclusion of many LGBTQ and female artists. This year the festival is hosting a number of well-known artists. There’s only a few tickets left for this spectacular event on October 1st. If you’re interested in purchasing tickets you can find them directly on the festival’s website or from Ticketmaster.

The festival’s headliner, Lorde, is a musician known for her beautifully artistic portrayals of love, heartbreak, and growing up. She found incredible success at a young age for her 2013 album Pure Heroin featuring top-charting songs like “Royals” and “Team”. This album provides a criticism of pop music at the time, rejecting materialism and other superficial themes of pop music at the time. Her next album, Melodrama, released in 2017, details the complexity of coming into early adulthood. The emotionally charged album takes you on a journey through Lorde’s experiences. As of late, Lorde has been on tour for her 2021 album Solar Power, which features the reflections of a woman cherishing her independence while contemplating the confusing state of our society. Lorde’s atmospheric pop aesthetic is almost a play on the pop genre as a whole when coupled with her critical lyrics. Lorde’s angelic voice paired with her ingenious lyricism is bound to create an outstanding and introspective show.

Singer and songwriter Mitski Laycock brings a really personal approach to the indie rock genre ever since the beginning of her career as an artist in 2012. Her lyrics are deep and relatable to many listeners and have made her grow in popularity. There are also songs like “Nobody” from her 2018 album, Be the Cowboy, that have gained recognition on social media throughout the years and are now crowd favorites. Overall, excited to witness a lively and unforgettable performance from Mitski at the festival!

Bleachers is the “one person” rock band that originated in New Jersey. Bleachers is the stage name of songwriter and producer Jack Antonoff who exhibits good spirited music that will be easy to enjoy. Most recently, the song “Instant Karma!” Bleachers was featured in the “Minions: Rise of Gru” movie, which contributed to the overall wonderful soundtrack reputation of the movie. Many of Bleachers’ most listened to songs come from his 2014 album, Strange Desire, which are sure to bring an immaculate energy if brought back to be performed at the festival. Nonetheless, his more recent albums carry on the same vibe of simply feeling alive, which is what a music festival is all about.

Lucy Dacus is a talented indie rock/folk singer, guitarist, and songwriter known for her vulnerable and expressive lyrics. She has a deep voice with a sense of sweet and sophisticated nostalgia. Dacus has released three albums since 2016, No Burden, Historian, and Home Video, each one more successful than the last. She is most well known for her song “Night Shift” as well as her work with singer songwriters Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker. One can only hope she will play her newest single “Kissing Lessons” at the festival!

King Princess is a well known indie-pop artist from Brooklyn who creates the perfect blend between pop, R&B, rock, and soul. She has a beautiful, soulful voice as she writes about the ups and downs of being a young queer person navigating love and loss. Her claim to fame and debut EP Make My Bed (2018) as well as her later albums Cheap Queen (2019) and Hold on Baby (2022) feature celestial sounds with her raspy, calming voice. King Princess is also a huge figure in the LGBTQ community and is proud to provide the world with strong queer representation and art. For many reasons, King Princess is a perfect addition to the all things go music festival!

Hippo Campus is an indie rock band recognized for several famous EPs including South (2015) and warm glow (2017). Their songs feature a harmonious and warm energy with guitar riffs that make you want to get up and dance. They have the perfect sound for an outdoor music festival like All Things Go, and are certain to get the crowd going.

The band Peach Pit has an acoustic, soulful folk sound with expressive lyrics. Known for reflective and emotional songs like “Alrighty Aphrodite” (2018), “Shampoo Bottles” (2020), and “Up Granville” (2022), Peach Pit is sure to bring the quintessential energy to the festival.

Goth Babe or Griff Washburn is bringing an alternative style into the All Things Go Festival, as his music brings in a feeling of being and enjoying the outdoors. This is fitting due to the fact that some of his favorite activities involve the outdoors. Some of Goth Babe’s most popular songs include “Weekend Friend” and “Sometimes” and with reason, as their upbeat harmonies make them great listens. Overall, rooting and expecting for a performance worth celebrating at the festival!

Faye Webster has the perfect soft and sweet voice to complete her solemn but jazzy aesthetic. Her use of piano, drums, and other orchestral instruments creates a calm, whimsical energy that coincides with the often sad themes of her songs. If we’re lucky, maybe she’ll play her song “Better Distractions” (2021), which was featured on one of Barack Obama’s playlists!

Maude Latour, is an American singer and songwriter who grew up mostly in New York and Hong Kong. She exhibits a funky style and it is carried over with her take on the pop genre. One of Maude’s most well known songs is “One More Weekend”, a song about heartbreak and memories of a love. However, many of her songs take on a high energy way to sing about love, heartbreak, and growth as an individual. Maude’s lyrics make it easy for many of her listeners to relate and sing along, they are the perfect comeback era songs.

Bartees Strange, a songwriter, guitarist, and producer based in Washington, DC, has an eclectic and upbeat mix of music including electronic songs like “Wretched” from his most recent album Farm to Table (2021), and indie-rock songs with a rap feel and country twang like “Boomer”, from his first LP Live Forever. Strange has a sound unlike any other, and it will be thrilling to hear more from him at the festival.

Jack Kays is a singer and songwriter originally from Cincinnati. He focuses mostly in the alternative/indie genre. However, in his most recent album, he definitely experimented with acoustic sound and nailed it. There are many great listens like “Morbid Mind” and “Bottom of the Bottle.” Nevertheless, the majority of Jack’s lyrics always sound personal and are sure to connect and resonate with many people attending the festival.

Michelle is a predominantly queer and POC group with a harmonious sound and a upbeat blend of jazz, electropop, and R&B. MICHELLE creates the perfect laidback, funky beats for the All Things Go festival, with songs like “THE BOTTOM” (2020) and “SYNCOPATE” (2022) that are sure to resonate with the crowd.

Wallice Hana Watanabe, singer and songwriter from California brings an indie rock/pop style. In her songs, she sings about many life experiences that have impacted her as she is only 23 years old. Hoping to hear the song that started it all “Punching Bag” as well as “23” at the festival!

Kyle Dion, an R&B artist from Los Angeles, has a passionate and emotional sound. His persuasive melodies have the audience holding onto every note. Some personal favorites include “Brown” from his 2018 album Suga, and singles “Hold Onto Me” (2016) and “Cool Side of the Pillow” (2017). The festival will only be better with Dion’s sweet voice along with his intimate, relaxed guitar riffs.

The Blssm, or Lily Lizotte who goes by they/them pronouns, brings their own spin on the pop genre. In many of their songs there’s experimentation with fast to slow pace and vice versa. Many of their songs like “SMOKE” and “HARDCORE HAPPY” will be great for amping up the crowd at the festival before settling things back down for the more mellow, delicate parts of their set.

If this roster is intriguing, act fast. Head to the festival’s site to learn more and grab tickets for October 1st.

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