Merriam Webster defines synesthesia as “a concomitant sensation, especially: a subjective sensation or image of a sense (as of color) other than the one (as of sound) being stimulated.” Many musical artists experience a special type of synesthesia called “chromesthesia.” Merriam Webster defines chromesthesia as, “synesthesia in which color is perceived in response to stimuli (as words or numbers) that contain no element of color.” Many musical artists–such as Pharrell and Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy–experience colors in reference to the music they hear. Synesthesia is different for everyone who has it; no two people experience the same sensations. 

Bea Miller is an American singer-songwriter who got her start on the X-Factor. She is one of many musical artists who experiences chromesthesia, associating sounds (music) with color. In 2017, Bea released three EPs: chapter one: blue, chapter two: red, and chapter three: yellow. These chapters tell a story of heartbreak. Additionally, each EP consists of three songs that evoke the color in their title and their related emotions. Chapter one: blue is sad and lonely. Chapter two: red is angry and strong. Chapter three: yellow is positive and happy 

Here are links where you can hear Bea explain each chapter in detail: 

chapter one: blue 

chapter two: red  

chapter three: yellow

Here is a video of Bea talking about her experiences with synesthesia and what artists she associated with different colors:

My favorite song from her three chapters is “warmer” from chapter two: red. This song is about the frustrations and excitement of developing strong feelings for someone. When I listen to this song I feel the warmth you feel when you start seeing someone new, but also the anger you can feel when the future of your relationship is so uncertain. Here is the Spotify link if you would like to give the track a listen: 

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