JPEGMAFIA at 9:30 Club 10/26


Since the start of COVID, seeing JPEGMAFIA was one of my “when we can go to shows again…” artists. Combining rap with the themes of punk, JPEGMAFIA (or Peggy) has an undoubtable stage presence coupled with incredible beats and creative lines. 

JPEGMAFIA is Baltimore based, so his Maryland shows have always been known for their explosive energy. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and cites Kanye, MF DOOM, Chief Keef, and non-rappers such as Radiohead as his influences. His breakout album, Veteran, was released in 2018 with critical praise and was an immediate success. He followed it up with his second full length album in 2019, All My Heroes are Cornballs, an 18 song long album including the hit songs “Jesus Forgive Me, I Am a Thot” and “Free the Frail”. 2020 and 2021 came with the releases of EP! and EP2! and his most recent new single “Trust”. His music is known to be experimental and he really does not care what you think of his songs (although they are very good!)

I discovered JPEGMAFIA during my freshman year of college and he was one of the artists I really leaned on during COVID. If you like rap or punk, death grips or Kanye, you’ll love any of his songs you check out. I’m beyond excited for this concert. When you watch videos of a Peggy show you see him flinging his body around the stage and the crowd is truly alive. Given this show will be near his home base, lots of hometown fans are likely to come out, and it’s gonna be a crazy time. 

See him at 9:30 club on Tuesday, October 26. Buy tickets here:

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