I’m Stuck in the TV


The pandemic has been (and continues to be) one hectic ride of disassociation, followed by feeling too much, chased by another round of dissociation. Most of us spent an entire school year away from our friends, conversing with others primarily through screens: classmates, professors, family, and friends scattered across the world. I remember being away from my friends but lacking the energy to text because communication through devices just added to my screentime fatigue. 

Now, we’ve transitioned into full in-person with most, if not all, aspects of life, fully immersed amongst others. The fluctuations of the pandemic created this feeling of being momentarily stuck in time and isolated from others—almost as if one was stuck in a television, watching life continue on. These tracks are the soundtrack to our television capsule.

The melodies of “Dreamcatcher” whisk us away into our lull: the consistent rhythm in the background is almost hypnotic, forcing you to pause and relax your shoulders for a minute. The contrast between “Dreamcatcher” and “Night Funk” snaps you right back: “Night Funk” has the beat of a catchy summer song, but the lyrics reflect latent tones of existentialism (a lot like what COVID summers were like). The next few tracks continue along the reflective path, filled with more existentialism, melancholy, and yearning, all underscored by captivating and melodious musical tone and rhythm. The juxtaposition of the pensive, at-times heavy, lyrics with the flowy tempos is reminiscent of how certain “regular” activities felt during the irregular circumstances of the pandemic. This playlist closes out with “Scared to Go Home”—an ode to those feelings of emptiness during a night out. If you’re feeling disconnected, then the soothing chimes by Mindchatter can bring you some comfort. 


  1. Dreamcatcher by slater
  2. Night Funk by Fatboibari, Kevin Katana
  3. Orange Reprise (feat. LEJKEYS) by tobi lou, LEJKEYS
  4. My Friends by Trent the HOOLiGAN
  5. Fast Life by Htkiekal
  6. Northside by The Tokyo Twins
  7. Gravity (feat. Tyler, The Creator) by Brent Faiyaz, DJ Dahi, Tyler, the Creator
  8. A Million by Rothstein
  9. A B*tch Curious (feat. Sam Truth) by AG Club, Sam Trutg
  10. Burn One by RADA
  11. Having a Good Time, Sometimes by Bakar
  12. TimeshareCondominium by BONES
  13. Scared to Go Home by Mindchatter

Playlist link on Spotify here.

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