Twelve Songs to Shave your Head to


Oh, so you wanna be punk? Take it from me, someone who has shaved their head 3+ times. Here  are ten songs to blast while saying goodbye to your locks. They will also help you feel proud  about your questionable decision.  

1. Happy Go Sucky Fucky – Kuromi  

2. Time for Livin’ – Beastie Boys  

3. Emotional High – Mannequin Pussy  

4. No Reason – Minor Threat  

5. Double Dare Ya – Bikini Kill  

6. Nervous Breakdown (Live ’84) – Black Flag  

7. White Flag – Slutever  

8. House of Suffering – Bad Brains  

9. Fucked Reality – Choking Victim  

10. Spectra Sonic Sound – Nation of Ulysses  

11. Empty Bottles – The High Curbs  

12. Rock House – Circle Jerks  

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