Digging Through the Crate: Mentally I’m in the Court of the Crimson King


Ah yes. It’s 9pm. Time to put on a record. Discipline by King Crimson greets me with it’s bright red cover and that thing in the middle of it. “What a great album,” I think to myself as I set it up on my turntable. This is an impeccable album: A perfect mix of slower relaxing songs and chaotic progressive rock. My favorite track off this album is “Indiscipline.” As Adrian Belew repeats (haha, pun intended) “I repeat myself when under stress,” numerous times, I can’t help but laugh because of how relatable it is. Like yes, I too am under stress right now Adrian. Thela Hun Ginjeet is another gem off of this album. Overall, it’s fire and everybody should become a King Crimson fan.

Now, In the Court of the Crimson King includes some of their most iconic songs such as “21st Century Schizoid Man”, famously sampled in Kanye West’s Power. Here’s a little bit of a history lesson. The Crimson King refers to a particularly ruthless monarch signifying a lot of bloodshed during their time in power. I say that mentally I’m in the court of the crimson king because King Crimson makes an analogy about jesters pulling puppet strings and relates it to current events at the time such as the Cold War. I have a theory that the Cold War never ended, and we’re just being dragged along like pieces in a stupid game of political chess. 

Anyway, I really hope you all enjoy this playlist I made of really fire King Crimson songs

PLAYLIST: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2TfnOTpAoPTCepC5o34UIi?si=vZCGD2oDQIWnyUyUvn7FVg

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