Best Coast at 9:30 Club, 3/19


On March 19, California-born indie rock duo Best Coast will be arriving in DC at the 9:30 club on their Always Tomorrow tour, showcasing their first album in five years (aside from a children’s album released in 2018). Known for songs referencing California, weed, sunshine, and an overall surf-pop feel that sparked the duo to popularity in 2010, this new record takes a different turn and look into the life of frontwoman Bethany Consentino. Since their last release 5 years ago, frontwoman Bethany Consentino has gone through immense personal growth, something that is a major focus of this new record, particularly sobriety.

Post the 2015 release, Consentino cited feeling “creatively paralyzed,” and at times thought that Best Coast had no future. However, this 2020 record proves otherwise, showcasing a wider range of vocals in an optimistic yet unfiltered take on the struggles she’s faced throughout Best Coast’s existence. While she has made great strides, the album is two toned: recognizing the relief she feels while acknowledging the further growth that needs to take place. As someone who has listened to a lot of Best Coast’s older records, particularly their first record Crazy for You in 2010,  I was excited for this release and believe this album adds a different lense to the discography of the band and am looking forward to hearing the songs live.

This show is bound to be exciting. Having seen opener Mannequin Pussy before, the set is going to be raw, emotional, and a powerful combination of punk and emotion, so be sure to get there early. Best Coast’s performance is always high energy and will definitely showcase the emotional growth the duo has had since their last tour, and while I haven’t seen them live, I’m excited to for the first time. This is really a show you won’t want to miss! Tickets start at $30 and are available here.

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