Deerhoof Headline Union Stage This Sunday with Support by Speedy Ortiz & Pygmy Lush

BY VICTORIA MIDDLETON// San Francisco indie rock band Deerhoof says they have been “simultaneously living in two worlds“; and you are too.

Deerhoof has been releasing music since the 90s, back when indie rock was ~indie rock~. Beginning within the realm of noise punk, Deerhoof evolved to be known for a sweet, poppier sound throughout the early 2000s, although the group’s experimental spirit never faltered. Their most recent album drew it’s inspirational from the massive rip in the space-time continuum commonly known as the Trump era. Deerhoof has described the uncanny events of this age as the result of living in two worlds as once, a world hurtling toward chaos and the one that fights against it. Mountain Moves celebrates the latter.  What’s more punk rock than that?

Deerhoof will performing tracks from Mountain Moves and their decades-old discography DC’s Union Stage on Sunday, February 17. The show will open with sets from Speedy Ortiz and Pygmy Lush. Noise pop and noise punk bands, respectively, these acts will serve as the perfect compliment to Deerhoof’s own distinctive sound.

Tickets to a very “noise”-y night are available here.

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