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BY SARAH SOPHER // This weekend I returned to one of my favorite DC venues to see BlackGummy. The Mau5trap artist was in town to showcase his first national headlining tour, the Mesophase Tour. Bringing out fans from the vast DMV area, BlackGummy knew how to raise the crowd’s energy and get us on our toes.


The tour kicked off in San Diego. For two months, BlackGummy’s sound will be spread across North America, at both venues and festivals. Shortly after performing at EDC Mexico, and Buku Festival in New Orleans, BlackGummy has been continuing his tour through the United States.


His most recent EP’s compose a three-part arc of themes that he wanted to explore. Singularity, the first EP, explored humanity’s relationship with technology; the second EP Impactor, was inspired by the Earth’s long and complex relationship with all forms of life; and the third theme for the Monolith EP was the most minimalistic, inspired by his visits to different archeological sites.


The three EPs are puzzle pieces that come together to form the BlackGummy narrative. For a deeper understanding of the inception of the bear-shaped idol, one must understand that he existed throughout the future, past, and present, time periods which were explored in each EP.


The Mesophsase Tour is continuing to San Antonio, Michigan, Minneapolis, and Seattle before BlackGummy performs at EDC Las Vegas. Be sure to catch him spreading beats.

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