International Miku Day

BY VICTORIA MIDDLETON// Hatsune Miku is a 16-year-old Japanese music sensation who will be performing at The Anthem on July 12 on her much anticipated world tour, Miku Expo. With her signature blue pigtails, Hatsune Miku is clearly unlike other teen pop stars; she’s a hologram.

Miku is the world’s first computer generated performer. Not only is her anime-inspired appearance computer generated, but her voice is the result of a synthesizer, programmed to create her spellbindingly sweet voice.

Hatsune Miku translates to the “the first of the sound of the future,” a fitting name for a creation that seamlessly incorporates art and technology. Like her appearance and voice, Miku’s songs are the work of individual creators; as an entity, she is utterly democratic.

As three and nine are pronounced “mi” and “ku” in Japanese, today, March 9, is International Miku Day. Fans around the world are celebrating by paying homage to the much-loved star through fan-art and cosplay.

Though Miku may only exist as a 3D projection, her coy and confident stage presence is mesmerizing and her upbeat music is dazzlingly danceable. Her show at The Anthem will include a full-live band, light shows, un-clockable choreography, and the kind of magic that only Miku can bring. For a live concert experience like no other, check out tickets here.

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