PREVIEW Gus Dapperton @ Songbyrd, 4/05

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BY SAHRA MAXWELL// Rising indie-pop artist Gus Dapperton is playing at Songbyrd on Monday, March 5th!

Gus Dapperton is slowly taking the indie world by storm. He is from Warwick, New York  and grew up listening to artists such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Fifty Cent.  He challenges the industry’s ideal views of male musicians. Dapperton proudly embraces his brightly colored fashion, painted nails, makeup and bowl cut. He is unapologetically himself. Dapperton shows that the music industry is a gateway for sexual fluidity and allows boy and girls to open themselves up to exploration.

At only 20 years old, Dapperton already has 2 EP’s that have created buzz throughout the music industry. The self produced singer first got involved in the industry in 2016 when he came out with the single “Moodna, Once with Grace.” He dropped his first EP last August and his hit single, “I’m Just Snacking”  has more than 4 million plays.

Many know how hard it is to get recognition while being a solo act, but Dapperton has already gained the attention of major labels but has decided to sign himself to his own self-named label. He’s done interviews with Vogue, Pigeons and Planes, and others, where he vaguely explains his fashion sense and dream pop music. Dapperton’s usage of music as an art form to represent himself speaks to so many. He describes all his music as coming “naturally” and he doesn’t feel the need to explain his music and leaves it to interpretation for the listener.

Dapperton’s Yellow & Such tour has sold out for most shows. His strong sense of self is what draws his fans, and I know this upcoming performance will not disappoint.

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