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BY SYDNEY SPENCER// Ganja White Night did D.C. a service on February 18th by showcasing their talent at the 930 Club. This show featured loads of strengths and did justice for GWN’s new album The Origins. The group did not shy away from a dramatic opening, blasting the new album’s first track (and probably its most intense), The Origins. The Belgian duo remained loyal to its fan base by playing a wide range of old hits, such as Flava and Mr. Nice. In addition, it was obvious that the group was determined to unleash the intense beats featured in many of the new tracks. They played a bass-heavy version of almost their entire new album.

Ganja White Night at 930 Club, photo by Sarah Sopher

Of equal importance was the group’s light performance, which stood out among previous GWN and other EDM shows I’ve attended this year. As mentioned in the GWN preview, their new album continues the story of superhero Mr. Wobbles via a video series created by renowned graffiti artist Ebo. Complimenting their colorful array of neon lights and smoke effects, the group spun beats while clips from their video series featured on the screens behind them. This gave the audience not only a video aid to the artists’ creative expression but kept everyone fully engaged and immersed in the world of GWN.

Overall, the show was fantastic and offered a new depth to the artists’ persona. The crowd harmoniously jammed and headbanged side by side and added to the environment’s passion and force. Check out the tour’s future dates and purchase tickets here.

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