The Oh Hellos @ 9:30 Club, 2/21

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BY BRIAN SEUCH// The Oh Hellos first stumbled into my Spotify stream a few years ago while I was manically discovering folk rock for the first time. It was a brand new genre to me, with the charm of country and the structure of my favorite indie songwriters. “Hello My Old Heart” instantly topped my new playlist and fed the flames of my interests. Since I discovered them a few years ago, The Oh Hellos have released two full albums where they work to pin down their own creative style and energy while maintaining the happy go lucky atmosphere that their oldest work brought out. As they cite Fleet Foxes and The Middle East as their influences, it is no wonder they’ve cultivated such a strong following in the folk community.

The Oh Hellos boast slow campfire songs such as “Cold is the Night” which only features the two singers, a guitar, and the occasional whistle. Songs like this are delightfully simple and offer the listener an escape from the bustle of daily life as music forces them to slow down along with the lyrics. On the other hand, songs like “Lay Me Down” are more reminiscent of Trampled by Turtles fast paced strumming which cant help but leave the listener stomping their feet to the rhythm.  Regardless of the style their songs are anything but formulaic and it is clear the writers are intentionally imaginative while planning their duets. Because the songs are so different both within and between titles The Oh Hello’s listeners just keep demanding more.

If you want to catch a piece of The Oh Hellos, they’ll be performing next Wednesday, Feb. 21 at the 9:30 Club. While the 9:30 club is a hipsters dream come true on its slow nights, the crowd this event will bring is sure to impress. Buy tickets here!


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