PREVIEW: LIGHTS @ 930 Club, 2/27

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Graphic created by Instagram user Arielle of @brwneyedkitty

BY SARAH SOPHER\\ Lights is my all time favorite artist. Her genuine nature and innovative art forms are refreshing and uplifting. Lights is more than just a musician. She is an innovator, a painter, and the author of her very own comic book series. This season Lights is headlining her own tour, “We Were Here”, to bring her new project to life. The “We Were Here” tour will be at 930 Club in Washington, DC this Tuesday 2/27.

The latest project by Lights is Skin & Earth, an album that she created in tandem with a comic book series. Lights created this entire project from scratch, writing the songs, releasing music videos and developing the characters, the story and all of the illustrations. The main character of Skin and Earth, En, comes to life through each aspect of the project. In the image above, En is pictured with fiery red hair. The right panel depicts illustrations of her from the comic series and the left panel depicts En’s character played by Lights in paralleled scenes fromĀ  Skin & Earth music videos.

There are six issues in the series separated into chapters. Each chapter is correlated with a song on the album. In an interview, Lights mentions how the series began with an idea of the basic storyline. Then, she would enter her songwriting sessions and create songs that fit along with the story. This helped her gain inspiration and ideas to write the comic. One of the coolest things to me is how song lyrics from the album are intertwined in the comic as dialogue.

It has been a pleasure to learn more about Lights and feel a stronger connection to her music through her comic book series. Her self-expression through her art is obvious and strong, and her sweet spirit can be felt through both her music and comics. I cannot wait to experience Skin & Earth through a live performance this Wednesday. Tickets are available here.


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