REVIEW: Steve Aoki @ Echo Stage

BY SARAH SOPHER// Steve Aoki graced the District of Columbia this past Saturday with his endless and completely infectious energy on the first stop of the Kolony North American tour. 

My favorite concerts are always the ones where the artist interacts with their fans, and that is exactly what Steve did during his entire set. He began the 2-hour performance at the front of the stage, approaching and welcoming the crowd with HEAVY bass and giving fist bumps to some lucky rail-riders. The audience remained completely enthralled with his performance the entire time, as Aoki played new and familiar tunes. This show was extra special because DC got to be the first ever live audience to experience the newest Aoki + Carnage Collaboration.

The madness peaked during “Cake Face,” when Steve threw 10 huge sheet cakes at the crowd.  Everyone was begging to get caked, pushing their way through, to the front of the venue and jumping on each other’s shoulders.

It’s difficult to describe just a few great moments from Saturday night’s show because there were so many highlights. One of my favorite moments was when Steve played his remix of Firefly by Owl City. We felt the nostalgia in the air and swayed to the well-known tunes. Soon after, a special moment came when Steve turned up the bass with another familiar remix. The crowd united with smiles to sing “I’m on the pursuit of happiness and I know… Everything that’s shine ain’t always gonna be gold (hey). I’ll be fine once I get it…” This feeling reminded me of the familial and over-the-top atmosphere of EDC Las Vegas.

The Kolony tour is just beginning with shows coming to cities all over the United States and Mexico including Houston, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Seattle. Don’t miss your chance to see the world-renowned producer, Steve Aoki. Check out his website at for tickets!

All media and photography by Sarah Sopher

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