PREVIEW Adult Mom @ Songbyrd, 2/13

BY ALI GAUGLER// This week at Songbyrd is Adult Mom, an artist who describes themselves as “queer indie bittersweet romantic pop.” They are returning to DC this Tuesday, February 13th, this time at Songbyrd Music House. In the past years, Adult Mom has toured a lot, playing colleges and small venues, building a fanbase who understands and identifies with their heartwarming and thought provoking music.

Adult Mom was started by musician Stephanie Knipe, who began their shoegaze dream pop artistry in their bedroom in 2012 where they recorded and released multiple EPs to their Bandcamp. In July of 2014, Knipe released an EP titled “Sometimes Bad Happens,” which was listed at number four on Rolling Stone’s 10 Best Cassettes of 2014.

Their first album, Momentary Lapse of Happily was released in 2015. The record explores gender identity and self-expression as well as the complexities of love and young adulthood. Listening to the album, you come to grow and recover through the words and emotions of Knipe.

In May of 2017 Adult Mom released their second album, Soft Spots, which picks up where the last album left off and deals with the complex emotions of self examination and healing. The album is a progression, as throughout it you can see the growth of the artist as well as the art.

Their diary-esque lyrics and lo-fi bedroom pop instrumentals, as well as the ever-entertaining personality of Knipe, means that Adult Mom is a must see show. To see for them yourself, buy tickets here.

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