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BY SARAH SOPHER & SYDNEY SPENCER// Following a train led by the notorious Echostage security to the front of the 5000-person, sold-out crowd, we finally found the perfect spot to watch Tony and Jono light up the room. The vibes in the venue paralleled the night’s theme, Common Ground; also the name of Above and Beyond’s newest album. We couldn’t help but feel a part of the Anjuna family, sharing the night with long-time Above and Beyond fans of all adult ages who were linked arm-in-arm singing and swaying to the uplifting trance beats.

Above and Beyond’s veteran status in the EDM world was obvious. They had a precise feel for what the crowd needed, opening with a calm mix of beats, eventually elevating the pace, and finishing their 2-hour set with the audience’s favorite songs. They kept the crowd on their toes, giving us a chance to chill out and enjoy the spiritual lyrics before the drop got us dancing and jumping all over again. Playing many new singles from Common Ground, Above and Beyond stayed true to their fans by also bringing us their classics such as “Sun and Moon”, and my all-time favorite song of theirs, “A Thing Called Love.”


My personal favorite thing about each A&B performance is the way they interact with the crowd by typing uplifting messages to us throughout the show. In the beginning of “You Got To Go,” the DJ’s brought us hope and reminded us that this song is about dreams and how they do indeed come true. The audience shared common ground during “Sun and Moon” when Tony and Jono paused the song to let the room fill with the audience’s high-spirited singing.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets to see Above and Beyond yet, you’re in luck. There are still tons of tour dates remaining across the United States. You don’t want to miss out as every advance ticket sold on the North American Tour (USA dates only) comes with a copy of the A&B’s new studio album Common Ground.


Overall, Above and Beyond at Echostage was a wonderful and inspiring experience. We will definitely be seeing them the next time they come to DC, without a doubt.

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