PREVIEW Above and Beyond @ Echo Stage, 1/26

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BY SARAH SOPHER// Spring semester is coming in full force and we could all use some positive energy to gather our strengths and get in the zone.

I’ll be on my way to heaven with Above and Beyond on Friday, January 26 at Echostage. You don’t want to miss this GRAMMY-award-winning DJ group take the stage and unite the audience with their uplifting beats. The DJ group and their live performance are unlike any other EDM experience. No matter how many times I’ve seen them live, Above and Beyond’s shows continue to bring out so many different and overwhelming emotions for me. One of the special feelings that they bring me is a sense of unity, where you know that you are not alone in the crowd. The feeling that we are all in it together. They also bring a sense of optimism. Their warm aura and peaceful melodies are a reminder that we are all we need. The show brings out such a good feeling that show-goers can’t help the urge to move their hips and dance to the beat.

The day that Above and Beyond comes to DC coincides with the release day of their sixth studio album, Common Ground. With three singles released already, Above and Beyond fans are stoked for a new album to raise their spirits even higher. Their most recent single is an ode to Detroit, titled “Northern Soul.” Here, Above and Beyond express their deep roots and appreciation for Detroit’s place in the history of dance music. I can’t wait to hear what else the DJ group brings out on Common Ground.

Here is a link to get your tickets for Above and Beyond at DC’s largest nightlife concert venue, Echo Stage.

Stop making excuses. Just get out and dance!

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