REVIEW: RL Grime @ Echo Stage

BY: SYDNEY SPENCER //As my second time seeing RL Grime live, it was obvious that the young DJ was determined to deliver powerful and grimey dubstep as displayed in his past hits. I entered the venue ready to head bang and get down to the dj’s iconically heavy beats. Like most RL Grime shows, the crowd was loud, packed, and ready for anything RL Grime would throw down.

This weekend RL Grime was perched on a tall platform that seemed to loom above the audience. This gave the opening light show a wicked, mysterious and enigmatic vibe. At first, this reflected the presence of a more mature DJ, but as the night went on, RL Grime’s classic sounds shined. It was also apparent that the DJ intended to showcase new mixing styles. While just as intense as his previous shows, the style had more of a “pop” style than past sets.  As much as I love his grimey dubstep, the pop sounds brought through a new energy with tons of dancing and high energy fans. With his latest single, Era, released in October, and a nationwide tour ahead, it’s understandable that RL Grime would want to expand his fan base and engage as many audiences as he can. After witnessing the relentless moshing of my friends and fellow concert-attendees, there was no doubt that RL Grime met that goal in Washington, DC.

Seeing RL Grime so close to home was nothing less than lit but this show has made me, and I’m sure many other fans, eager to see what he will deliver in the far more unadulterated music festival scene. Until the season begins, I hope that RL Grime keeps up the newly improved stage presence but does not forget to stay true to his original heavy-bass loving fans. We’re looking forward to hearing what’s in store.

Sydney Spencer

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