PREVIEW Flying Lotus in 3D @ Echostage 11/5

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BY: HAZE DEVANEY // The multi-genre experimental artist, Flying Lotus, will be coming to DC on November 5th with his immersive 3D tour.

Flying Lotus jumpstarted his producing career after submitting a song to Adult Swim under the same moniker. After that, he was signed to Warp Records and created Los Angeles (2008), his second studio album, under the label. Eventually, as he gained popularity, he launched his own label Brainfeeder, under which he released his more popular songs like “Zodiac Shit”.

He has largely been an experimental electronic dj, but has not limited himself to the genre. His most recent album “You’re Dead!”, which was released in 2015, incorporates more jazz and funk elements than previous albums and can be seen in the songs “Never Catch Me (feat. Kenrick Lamar)” and “Coronus, the Terminator”. His newest album also includes collaborations with artists such as Thundercat and Snoop Dogg.

According to Fly Lo, the 3D tour has been created as a way to combat the increase of phone usage during concerts. In an interview with pigeonsandplanes, Flying Lotus explained “There’s no way you can enjoy the experience with your phone or holding your phone up. You have to watch and experience it with your eyes and be present in the moment.” Additionally, each set of the tour is largely improvised.

This tour will be unlike anything done before — so don’t miss your chance to get tickets here.

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