PREVIEW: Beach Fossils @ 9:30 Club, 10/24

BY VICTORIA MIDDLETON// After a four year hiatus, the Brooklyn based band Beach Fossils is coming to the District after the release of the their fourth LP, Somersault.

Beach Fossils came onto the scene in 2010 with release of their self entitled album Beach Fossils. Their sound is distinctively ambient, with surf-rock elements that hold true to their name. Stand out tracks from Beach Fossils include “Daydream” and “Golden Age,” which embody the dreamy feelings of youth and nostalgia.

Following their first LP, Beach Fossils released What A Pleasure in 2011 and Clash the Truth in 2013. Although the band has had many changes in lineup early on, their current lineup consists of frontman and creator Dustin Payseur, Jack Doyle Smith, bassist since 2011, and Tommy Davidson, guitarist since 2013.

Somersault was released June 2017, four years after Clash the Truth. It is the band’s first record released on the new label Bayonet Records, which Payseur co-owns with his wife Kate Garcia. Bayonet has given the group the ability for complete freedom in expression, and you definitely hear that in Somersault. This album shares the familiar wistful sound Beach Fossils has become known for, but the trio deviates from their usual guitar dominated arrangements to experiment with new instruments like flute, saxophone and strings.

While Beach Fossils lyrics are consistently poignant and Payseur is known for his solemn monotone, the bands non-musical dynamic is an entirely different story. On a typical Beach Fossils’ Instagram story you can expect to see the guys, Davidson especially, sporting silly outfits and making impressions and skits. Payseur, Smith and Davidson clearly don’t take themselves too seriously.  It’s safe to say that their set will be both vibey and full of unexpected antics. If you want to see for yourself, tickets are still available on Ticketfly.

L to R: Smith, Davidson and Payseur


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