PREVIEW: The Underachievers @ Rock and Roll Hotel 10/13

BY: BRIAN SEUCH // Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, the Underachievers is a rap duo with a relentless lyrical flow that you can experience for yourself this Friday at Rock and Roll Hotel. Comprised of AKTheSavior and Issa Gold, the Underachievers are known for their psychedelic rap and are sure to top any beast coast fans playlists along with others like the Flatbush Zombies and Joey Bada$$.

The story of how the Underachievers met is such a cliche that its almost laughable: ten years ago, Issa was brought over to AK’s house where they smoked and talked about psychedelic drugs — a major influence in their sound. While AK had been rapping since a young age under the name the Underachiever, Issa began his rapping career about 4 years after the two met. Before they were even signed to a label, the Underachievers were having their music played on BBC Radio. Shortly after they released their first music video for the track “So Devilish” in 2012, Flying Lotus flew them out for a meeting and subsequently signed the pair to his Brainfeeder record label. Later that year, The Underachievers joined other hip hop acts like Flatbush Zombies and Pro Era to form the rap collective known as Beast Coast.

While many rap tracks these days feel very structured and formulaic, the Underachievers are anything but. Their flow is extremely organic and raw. Their voices, alternating between the pair, blend incredibly well over a minimalist beat. With a closer listen, audiences can hear stories of growing up in Flatbush and dealing with the group’s rapid rise to fame. The duo released their third album Renaissance back in May of this year. Earning praise from critics, Renaissance is described as “an album that speaks to the soul of those more concerned with lyrical content and skill than catchy refrains and bombastic soundscapes that cater to the turn-up and mosh pit culture that are both the rage as of late…This is an album that is essential for the hip-hop junkie in you” (from


Don’t miss your chance to see the Brooklyn duo this Friday. Tickets are available here:






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