PREVIEW: Matisyahu @ Lincoln Theater 10/10

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Touring for the first time since the release of his newest album, Matisyahu is coming to DC’s Lincoln Theater on Tuesday October 10th . His newest album Undercurrent was released May 19th of this year and is a sharp contrast to Matisyahu’s previous works.

Hailing from New York, Matisyahu is commonly known for his style of incorporating spirituality with smooth reggae beats. Throughout the course of his life, his faith has changed and evolved, influencing the style of his music. As a teenager, Matisyahu (known by his real name as Matthew Paul Miller) rebelled against his strict Jewish upbringing, eventually being forced by his parents to attend a wilderness program for troubled teens. There, Miller became closer to his faith. When returning to New York, he more seriously pursued his passion for music.

Matisyahu first broke ground in 2005, with the release of his world-famous hits “One Day” and “King Without a Crown”. A year later, his second album, Youth, was nominated for a Grammy. At the start of his career, Matisyahu was self-classified as a solo artist signing about universal love and peace through
rapping, reggae, and beat-boxing. However, with the release of his newest album, and on his current tour, Matisyahu is performing as a band, presenting songs of a more electronic and less orthodox nature.

While the style of his music may have changed, we are excited to see what this new phase of Matisyahu’s career will bring.

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