REVIEW: Crystal Castles @ 9:30 Club

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BY SARAH SOPHER AND SYDNEY SPENCER // Our hope for Crystal Castles’ first DC show of the year was that the group would deliver an original performance laced with raw emotion and passion. That’s what we were used to with Alice Glass, at least.

In front of a giant mural depicting a battered and beaten Madonna, the show opened with clashing noises and flashing green lights taking over the room. Ethan Kath was camouflaged in the corner of the stage delivering the epic beats that Crystal Castles’ fans know and love. However, the performance left a lot to be desired.

Edith Frances joined Crystal Castles in 2015 to replace the group’s former vocalist. Alice Glass, who once performed sick and vomiting between verses, was known for her confrontational and volatile shows. Many would say Glass held a fundamental role in creating Crystal Castles’ wild and unique reputation.

In order to fill Alice’s role as CC’s vocalist, Edith moved chaotically around the stage, tangling herself with the microphone cord and throwing water bottles at the crowd. Her performance seemed forced and awkward. Getting water thrown in our faces over and over was pretty annoying.

While the group played a fair ratio of songs from their old and new albums, the balance between bass and vocals was uncomplimentary. The overpowering bass made it difficult to hear the vocals that distinguish CC’s songs. Towards the end of the show, it sounded as if all songs had been blended together.

Overall, it was fun to reminisce through the Crystal Castles’ sounds that we have always loved. The hectic light show reminded us of the classic chaos that Alice Glass performed with. While the group has made some obvious and possibly unintentional changes to their style, rocking out to their live music once again was a special experience.


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