PREVIEW: Demetri Martin @ Lincoln Theatre 5/13

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ANDREW RIBLET // With Demetri Martin, he seems to do it all, having starred in his own TV show, Important Things, written on famous late night hosts, and has produced his own stand up tours. Demetri has the uncanny ability to bring in a variety of talents into his comedy including drawing, music, and his use of pure wit, which he will certainly be bringing to the Lincoln Theater on Saturday, May 13th.

His new tour, aptly named “Let’s Get Awkward” returns to the Lincoln Theatre, where his hit Netflix special Demetri Martin: Live (At the Time) was filmed two years ago. It showcased some of his finest work, while also adding a new darker edge. Keeping close to his normal one-line type jokes, Demetri finds himself opening up a little more about his personal life in the spaces between his segments. Martin’s take on the weird intricacies of life are not only hilarious, but eye opening. As an unusual and sometimes absurd comic Demetri has found ways to make such ordinary things like pedestrians, hot dogs, and Tic Tacs into hilarious stories and concepts, questioning the way in which we live our lives. However, while Demetri Martin’s work has become a little darker than his older jokes, he still maintains his light hearted wit, often accompanied by his guitar and harmonica; a staple of his performances. Going away from his drawings, Martin has instead decided to continue to perfect the art of one-liners which keeps the audience open to the variety of topics that Martin explores.

This tour also comes as a precursor to two new major releases from Demetri: Dean, Martin’s first film, and 19 ½ Stories. Dean is Martin’s first movie as a director and writer, telling the story of an awkward man attempting to deal with his family issues and find love in a new place. 19 ½ Stories is the new book from Martin, showcasing different creative stories interwoven with comedy to provide an incredible reading experience.

Demetri Martin’s “Let’s Get Awkward” promises to be a wonderful mixture of new work from the comedian, while also keeping some of the elements of his comedy that have made him the star that he is today. Tickets can be bought here.

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